Ray Jones Presents His Latest Project: Acres Homes

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    Last album: SOPHIA'S BEACH HOUSE

    Click [this link] or any nearby image to purchase the previous drop from Ray Jones titled "Sophia's Beach House." Released November 17th, 2017. Free streaming of the album also available on some of the sites below.

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    Click [this link] or any nearby image to download the full-length album from Ray Jones entitled "Only Time Will Tell", released April 19, 2016. Click any of the logos below to purchase/stream.




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    Ray Jones is a 23-year-old creative from Houston, TX, who writes, raps, sings, and produces all of his own music.

    Ray released his first project in 2014, titled: Somas and Salem 100's. Upon completion, he moved to Chicago to pursue his passion and dreams. Ray lived in the Chi for only three months. During this time he was cast as an extra in the Spike Lee directed/produced movie, Chi-Raq, and also recorded his second project, Somas and Salem 100's 2. Life brought Ray Jones back home to Houston. This is where he was inspired to create his third project, "Only Time Will Tell" officially released on April 19th, 2016.

    In 2017, Jones spent the entire year working on the project, Sophia's Beach House. Ray listened to old music, taught himself to play the guitar, and took vocal lessons so he could deliver a technically sound project.

    In 2018, Ray traveled to LA and sat down with people in the music industry he looks up to. Everyone in the room was playing music. With no new music to share, his heart was broken. He felt an opportunity to showcase his skills had passed. Ray returned home, feeling lost and uninspired. He then went to his Grandpas house and had a long talk. At this moment, he realized he needed to create an album to show his fans where he came from, understand how he grew up, and why he is the man he is today. This leads to the latest album, releasing on July 23rd, 2019, Acres Homes. Ray continues to set a higher bar for himself, and show his fans what he is all about.

    Ray Jones continues to be involved in the complete process of creating his art; Recording, producing, engineering, mixing and mastering all of his songs.

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